Mom’s Dog Strikes Again

February 24th, 2011 by Melina

Creature and the bag of flour. . .

Here’s what happened (yes, I’m holding my hands in front of me as I say that, like Monk):

1. I had a week off.
2. I decided that I’d make challah on Friday.
3. I bought the ingredients.
4. I put the flour on a shelf.
5. And then, well, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

(Just remember. I do not have a dog. My mother has a dog.

And by the way, Creature went to the groomer two, yes two, freaking days ago.)

Bravo Creature. You’ve really outdone yourself this time.

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  1. Cynthia

    Would it be terribly rude if I said I told you so? I think I suggested your mother’s dog was plotting something the other night . . .

  2. Melina

    Go ahead, Cynthia. You did say that, and I believe I predicted that he was too tired and his heist would have to wait.

    I’m going to be finding flour around the apartment for months. Maybe even years.

  3. Karen Pinco

    I’m rather speechless.
    Impressed, however, but speechless.
    You have my sympathies.

  4. Jeff Salter

    That dog looks so cute.
    Hard to be mad at a cute dog.
    Yeah, I know, they use that against you.
    We have two dogs … lots of damage.

  5. Melina

    Yeah, he’s lucky he’s cute.

    I was pretty speechless too, Karen. Well, before I started yelling at him.

    What’s funny is that 90% of the time, he’s REALLY good and sweet. But that other 10% is just dangerous. . .

  6. jenifer

    It’s amazing how devious they can be! We can’t leave a loaf of bread (in a plastic bag) bread out or the cats will tear into it. Admittedly less messy, but it ruins the whole loaf.

    Did a leave him with flour paste in his fur?

  7. Melina

    Yes, amazing!

    He left flour paste everywhere. In his fur, on the floor. . . His ears get wet from his water dish, so he walked around the flour covered floor with dripping ears.

    For the record, he’s swiped loaves of bread too. Even when they’re high. He outsmarts me every time.

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