Recipe Week!

October 22nd, 2008 by Melina

Get your olive oil and garlic ready. . .

Tomatoes at a Cretan marketBecause I simply don’t have enough to do before NaNo (like say writing a synopsis, plotting, going to work, etc.), I’ve decided to have recipe week here at my little blog.

Why?  Because my unfinished Recipes Page is just embarrassing.  Well that and I’m hoping that posting recipes from my last NaNo book (most of which are Greek) will inspire me for my next project.  It’ll also get me warmed up when I sit down to write.  (Hey, it’s called “Productive Procrastination,” people.)

Please note that I’ve never been good at following directions.  I’ve never met a recipe I didn’t adapt.  So don’t expect a lot of exact measurements.  (Yeah, I’m one of those cooks.)

I’ll be posting my first recipe, which will be for a Greek yoghurt dip called tzatziki, on Friday.  The Greek side of my family used to be in the restaurant business, so I know what I’m talking about with these recipes.

If you have any Greek recipes you want to share, of if you’re looking for a recipe, let me know!

And yes, I still promise the synopsis update Sunday night.  Urg. . .

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  1. Pam

    Ooh, yummy! I love tzatziki, but I’m as far from Greek as you can get, so I’m going to love to get an official recipe!

    (We actually had falaffel with tzatziki and my version of hummus Sunday night. Yummy!)

  2. Robin

    Oh, I love Greek food! I look forward to the recipe! And best of luck with NaNo!!

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