Okay Rain. Okay Monday.

June 15th, 2009 by Melina

Let’s talk.

Hello Rain. Hello Monday. Thanks for coming. We simply MUST have a chat.

So. Who’d like to go first? Rain? Okay, have a seat, make yourself comfy. 


Water is a good thing. That, I am down with. I grew up watching Sesame Street:

YouTube Preview Image


But here’s the thing. A little moderation never hurt anybody. Don’t you ever take a break? Dumb question: Doesn’t the sky ever run out of you? 

I’m way, way past the point of singing cute little nursery rhymes that politely suggest that your relocation might be appreciated. 

Now, it’s personal.

This morning, I woke up to the sound of rain pounding the life out of my air conditioner. The dog sat up, tilted his head, and growled at the window. I don’t blame him.

Poor guy hasn’t had a chance to sniff around the dog run in days. And in my household, when Doggie ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. Got it?

Last week, when I arrived at the broker to sign my lease, I was dripping so much they had to send me to the bathroom with a roll of paper towels. My umbrella, you ask? Useless when tested against your power. Although the guys selling them outside the subway station were making a fortune. Pardon the question, but are you perhaps in cahoots with these people? 

Sometimes, I like you. A lot. Who doesn’t enjoy a rainy day at home, curled up under a blanket. But one can’t stay home all the time. Some of us have to work. Some of us have a commute.

At this point, it’s ark building time.

If my students have even one more day of indoor recess, I’m going to make YOU teach them after lunch. Capice?

I know, I know. There are plenty of places that are desperate for rain. But here’s a thought. Why don’t you pick one of those places and go there? I’ll even hang a map on my wall and throw a dart if that might be of help to you.

Have you been on Twitter of Facebook? Have you not heard the tales of mold and webbed feet? 

BTW, there is still mold growing in the corner of my living room ceiling. That’s what happens when you come inside, uninvited. Even vampires have the decency to wait for an invitation before they come inside. 

Lastly. What’s with the whole teaming up with Monday thing about? What did I ever do to you? 


Now Monday. Let’s cut right to the chase. 

Nobody likes you. Everybody hates you. Go eat worms

Were you on Twitter and/or Facebook this morning? In case you missed it, here’s a recap: Monday = Day Of Suckitude

Okay, it’s not necessarily your fault that you have to follow the weekend. Somebody has to be in that unfortunate position. Problem is, you seem to enjoy it more than necessary.

People despise you so much they’re driven write songs about the pain:

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image


Your general ickyness is so toxic it even seeps into Sunday. And you know how I feel about Sunday.

Was it not bad enough that I was up at 5:30 this morning? I was actually running ahead of schedule and feeling rather pleased with myself. And then the dog puked his guts out all over my living room floor and my MetroCard went AWOL.

Apparently, even that wasn’t enough. You just had to team up with Rain so I’d trip avoiding a puddle and spill coffee all over my shirt. A shirt I just washed. And you know how I feel about laundry.

So I arrived at work wet. And covered in coffee. Then later in the day, I had an unfortunate incident wherein a seventh grader got tomato sauce on my already ruined shirt. 

I truly believe that statistically speaking, these things are less likely to occur on your average Tuesday or Thursday. (No, you most certainly should NOT be proud of that.)

No offense, but would it not behoove you to have some better PR? You’re stuck with the whole first day of the workweek thing, but you could help the situation by, I don’t know, maybe giving everybody a free latte or drink of their choice on their way to work, or sending the UPS guy to people’s door with boxes of wine. Just a thought.


Well Rain and Monday. I hope you’ve found this conversation as fruitful as I have. 

I leave you with this parting gift, written just for the two of you, the happy couple:

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6 Responses

  1. Cynthia

    Aww honey, I was really hoping the nice weather I’ve been having at my end of the state would have moved East by now. Perhaps Lani and Sam are hogging the good weather? Hope you get some dry and sunshiney days before you forget what the sun looks like.

  2. jenifer

    Oh, man, you win! I had a sucky Monday. But not ever in anything I’ve ever experienced would I change it with your Monday!

    And I don’t say that to make you feel bad. You already know just how bad Monday sucks. I simply want to point out that Tuesday arrives in 1 hour and 4 minutes. That’s not really so long, is it?

  3. Karen

    That WAS a bad day.
    Hope Tues is better.

    AND the local Target/Walmart is not prepared to sustain rainfall past April. We’re way past May flowers already.

    Shouldn’t elementary school teachers perhaps also have a cubby with a change of clothes? Given what I’ve observed, it seems reasonable…

  4. admin

    Cynthia, thanks for the effort!

    Jenifer, thanks for the encouragement. Tuesday was rough, but certainly an improvement.

    Karen, I’ve been meaning to stash extra clothes in the library closet all year. Why have I not done it? Lesson learned!

  5. Kim

    I’m late to the party (way late … we’ve even had another Monday since you posted this) but I had to laugh when I read it, because that morning we were talking about those “Monday Songs”, I ended up singing the theme from Sesame Street all day, I guess in hopes of “Chasing the the clouds away” and “finding my way to where the air is sweet”. Then I read your blog and you’re referencing Sesame Street too! Funny how those songs stick with you! And yes, you found that Mamas & Papas song I was thinking of that morning but couldn’t quite place it! Hope this last Monday was a better on for you!

  6. diane

    I could not agreemore about rain. But now we have the heat. Just another thing to complain about. Now instead of mold, I have sunburn. Instead of webbed feet, I have humidity. Just can’t win!!

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