What’s Doin’?

April 21st, 2010 by Melina

How’s by you?


Like I said the other day, I sometimes feel the urge to go all Brooklyn on you guys (hence the title of this post). Not sure how the “y’all” fits into that equation? I’m not either.

In any case, I just felt like saying hey. I usually like to tell stories here, but today, it’s going to be random. And I’m going to ramble.

Put your seatbelts on.

How’s by me? Well. . .

How’s Creature? Still naughty and in major need of a potch in tuchus. At the moment, a squirrel is trying to break in via the air conditioner in my bedroom window. Poor Creature feels the need to save me and all the residents of The Slope. For once, I’m sympathetic and not angry about his howling. That nasty squirrel just keeps coming back. So I turned on the air conditioner. Take that, squirrel! But my hair is wet, so this solution may not last long.

But I mentioned the potch in tuchus. He needs one:

How’s life in Brooklyn? Well, my neighbor doesn’t know it, or maybe he does, but we’re in a hot water competition. Our bathrooms share a wall. We get up at about the same time. He stands at his sink listening to NPR (usually “All Things Considered”) and occasionally bursts out with a bit of opera. But don’t tell him I told you about the opera. I don’t think he thinks anyone knows about that.

Anyway. Sometimes he makes it into the shower before I do, and uses all the hot water.

Which sucks.

And about two minutes after his shower, I hear him leave the apartment. Which isn’t fair because A: he turns off the radio in the middle of gripping stories, and B: he doesn’t have a ton of hair to untangle and dry.

Such is life. But it’s getting me to set my alarm for just a bit earlier. So take that, neighbor! (And I sometimes admit defeat and wash my hair at night, hence the earlier reference to wet hair.)

Oh, and in case you were wondering, he IS in fact a Nice Jewish Boy. And sweet. And apparently he sings. You know how I feel about that. But I’m sorry to tell you, it’s not going to happen. Due to lack of sparkage.

How cool would that be in a romance novel though? Hero and heroine meet through a bathroom wall, then a squirrel breaks in and the hero saves the heroine (sorry Creature, you’re not the hero in this scenario) from the clutches of the evil rodent. . .

But I digress.

How’s work? Don’t even go there.

But get this:

The principal came running into my class, totally out of breath, followed by the custodian, who was carrying a mop. She commented that I didn’t look pale. . . Um, thanks? Apparently, a kid went to the office and told the secretary that I was throwing up. I wasn’t. Interesting.

Turns out, a fourth grade girl was the one who’d been sick, but I got a ton of sympathy as I was leaving the school. When I said “thanks but I’m fine,” somebody asked me why I didn’t just go with it, because I could have gone home early. Which wouldn’t have been a bad idea, since I was in the delightful company of the seventh graders.

Next time. . .

How’s the writing? Well, it could be better. And by better I mean I could actually be, you know, writing stuff. But I had to come to the realization that writing just isn’t going to happen until the summer. I know about the whole “you’re only a writer if you make time and put your butt on the chair and your hands on the keyboard” point of view, which is valid. But let’s get real. With a day job, etc., there are times when it just isn’t going to happen.

But before the Wiffers give me their famous hairy eyeball, I do have some good news. I’ve been doing some more “discovery” work and research, and I’ve come up with some great ideas for my last NaNo book. At the moment, these ideas are on flowery sticky notes, written in sparkly ink. And they’re hanging in the doorframe of my closet because A: the closet is next to my computer, and B: there’s not really any other place in this apartment. Good news though – they’re way pretty! (The ideas and the sticky notes, that is.)

So this summer, when I’m fogbound in CA, it’s on!

And let’s not forget my Glee addiction, and how happy it makes my basement divas. We won’t talk about how much money the show has caused me to fork over to iTunes or how I dance like the silhouettes in those old iPod ads whenever I’m listening to Glee songs, but here’s the perfect song for my pissy protagonist.


I’m going to do us all a favor now and go to bed.

So? How’s by you?

Nighty night!

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9 Responses

  1. Cynthia

    Yay for the update! I think there’s something in the air as I just did a drive by posting of my own.

    Good news on the ideas and the sparkly pens. Maybe that’s what my girls need? I think I’m out of sparkly pens, but seeing I still have pens in dozens of colours I hadn’t noticed. I may have to do something about this.

    I think the hero/heroine meeting through shared bathrooms is a really cool idea. You’d better hurry up and write it before some Wiffer *cough*me*cough* steals it.

  2. Pamela Cayne

    Oh, love the update, every word of it! Love the book idea (even if you don’t write it), love your co-habitation with your muses, and you know I love the Glee addiction!

    Wishing you much, much writing juju this summer–you’re going to rock it, I know it! (Or wait–let me see if I still got it….The writing? That fakakta squirrel is no match for you because you’re going to pound out that book, capish?)

    I know–I’m *really* rusty! ;-)

  3. Karne

    This ‘writer’ is resisting revisions.
    And yes, that bathroom wall has possibilities. Imagine if the pipes broke and the plaster fell away and there you were standing eyeball to eyeball… ;)

  4. admin

    Hi Wiffers! Sorry it took me so long to get back here and respond.

    Cynthia, yes, fix that pen problem! You must!

    Pam, you get an A++!

    Karen, good luck w/ revisions. We can commiserate this summer if you’re still revising then.

    BTW if that wall falls down, and we’re standing eyeball to eyeball at the ass crack of dawn, he’ll probably scream. Not b/c of the wall. No, he’ll scream at my Medusa hair and bloodshot eyes. Not so romantic. ;-) But if it’s in a book, I can fix that problem, I guess.

  5. Robin

    Hi, Melina! It was so nice to hear from you at my blog! And how awesome that I got a great update visiting you! Best wishes as the school year comes to a close and happy writing!

  6. admin

    Hi Robin! Thanks for stopping by and for all the good wishes! :-)

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