View The Loutro, Crete Album

Loutro, Crete

Some photos of the village of Loutro, which is located on the south western coast of Crete.

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Crete, 1983

The goat and sheep love explained. . .

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Chania, Crete

Photos of Chania

View The Etz-Hyyim Synagogue (Chania, Crete)  Album

Etz-Hyyim Synagogue (Chania, Crete)

For more information on Etz-Hyyim Synagogue, visit:

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Windows, Stairs, Doors, and Tables

Beautiful scenes of Crete

View The California Trip - April 2009 Album

California Trip - April 2009

The San Francisco Bay, Pesach, Etc.

View The Basavilbaso Album


Can you believe it? A shtetl in Argentina, with Yiddish speaking gauchos. Yes, I'm serious! Check out the song:

View The isabella freedman Jewish Retreat Center Album

isabella freedman Jewish Retreat Center

In Falls Village, CT (The inspiration for a snowy scene in a novel I'm plotting.)

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Lark Camp

World Music Camp

View The Baby Hamudi Album

Baby Hamudi

Hamudi, as a puppy.

View The Hamudi Album


More Hamudi. . .

View The RWA 2009 Album

RWA 2009

The Romance Writers of America National Conference, Washington DC, July 2009